At Turn 10 Studios, I am a part of the talented and good-looking Media Team. We create all the videos and art you see on Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok. At T10, I work on racing videos, screenshots, and social media assets. Below you will see just a sliver of animations I made for Turn 10. I feel fortunate to be a part of such an incredible and inspirational game studio. 
I recently created this piece to highlight MG6 and MG6 X Power. The X Power is the same car as the MG6 but with a boost. The idea was to highlight the two cars in a head-to-head battle. 
The Toyota 4runner is one of the most iconic and popular off-road vehicles ever created. And to highlight the 4runner in Horizon 5 was super exciting. The idea was to show the 4runner crawling through the dense Mexico jungle and encountering a group of off-road vehicles having all the fun, and the 4runner decided to step in and show who's boss. 
The Ford Bronco Badlands video. This was one of the first videos I worked on at Forza with another video artist, and this was also one of the first videos released for Horizon 5. The overall scope was to show the versatility of the Bronco and the beautiful game environments. 
At Turn 10, I work with the social team to create short TikTok videos using popular TikTok sound clips. I capture all the videos in-game using Forza tools. Turnaround time from start to completion is from 1-3 days. The videos have brought a massive amount of players to the game.
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