Over the past 27 years, I have worked in the 3D animation industry, and it has been a great ride. In 1994 I studied animation at The Art Institute of Dallas. At the time, only a handful of colleges offered degrees in animation: CalArts, Ringling, and The Art Institute. I chose the cheapest option because I had to pay for college at the time. The Art Institute was a two-year college, and I could get a degree in Computer Animation/Multi-media Design. Alias Sketch and 3D Studio Max R1 was the first 3D software I learned on. At school, we also learned how to use Photoshop, After Effects, and Macromedia Director 6. I graduated in 1996 and received a job at a gaming company in Austin called MicroProse. I worked on a game called Civilization II and some other games, mainly using 3D Studio Max. Around that time, Maya was released, and MicroProse sent me off to study the program in Austin. I still use 3DSMax today, but my preferred software is Cinema4D and Adobe tools. Over the years I have worked in many 3D-related fields, from gaming, broadcast, medical, and film. Currently, I am working on Forza Horizon 5 at Turn 10 Studios in Redmond, WA. Turn 10 is a fantastic gaming studio with a wonderful group of artists and developers.​​​​​​​
MicroProse 1996
Argosy Medical 2002
3FX  2007
Smith and Tinker 2009
Starfire Animation 2011 (Owner)
Microsoft MediaLab 2015
Wongdoody 2019
Turn 10 2020
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